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Thinking logo Design: The deeds and dons

Designing a logo takes more than what a lot of people thought it to be.

It is not all about sitting down, making sketches with your pencil, and painting them, not a thing like that.

 Logo Design is the process of creating an image or symbol that will uniquely and effectively represent a company or an organization. This means that Logo speaks more than the name of an organization or company, and as a result, requires utmost creative attention of the designer. For this reason, in designing a logo, the designer is actually involved in problem solving and decision making. It is obvious that being faced with a problem is a problem itself. One may ask, why is it a problem? It is a problem because it has to be solved, and we may not have the best solution to it at that point in time. Being a problem, should not make the designer to start panicking but rather see it as a natural occurrence which happens all the time and it is an opportunity to improve in your design work as well as you, developing what i called “Shocker absorber”. To this effect, we should avoid trying to give solution right away when faced with a problem, for it will lead to mistakes. This is because, our solution should come at the end of the process, not at the beginning of the process.

 Below are the steps taken to overcome logo design problem:

1. Replace the language problem with opportunity:

       Always tell yourself that this is another great opportunity coming to you and, it is what you have been doing before now. Don’t see or call it a problem, choose another language. The more positive you stay on this, the more confidence and optimistic you will be when facing it.

2. State clearly the exact challenge:

        What type of challenge are you facing? Is the design a complex one? How do you want the logo to be? How do you want to start the design work? All these, you must write out clearly on a paper and start to take on them one by one.

3. Write out your choice approaches:

        Having understood the challenges of the work, the next step is to write out the approaches you are to use in conquering it. Ask yourself questions on how and which approach would bring the best solution to this problem and rehearse all of them well. Don’t assume, be sure of the choices you have listed down.

4. Select the best of the choices you have made:

        Compare your choice of approach against the challenge, and pick the best of them. The one that has the exact weapon to match up with the problem.

5. Prepare for the worst case scenerio and its solution:

        For you to start the implementation stage, endeavour to ask yourself this question, if eventually this approach doesn’t work, what would be the possible worst case scenerio? If it doesn’t work, go back to your choices and continue with the next best choice.

6. Weigh your progress so far:

            You should set a standard for weighing your progress. This will help you understand and measure your success based on the approach you used.

7. Be 100% responsible for your decision:

        Take full responsibility for implementing the decision you took. The idea of creativity never comes from the thin air. Somebody, somewhere must be responsible for that or it will never be.

8. There must be a deadline for solving the problem:

        Without setting a deadline for any project, the battle to be faced with, will be procrastination. No matter how big the project is, write out short term series of deadline and a schedule for implementing it. If not, achieving your goal would be a dead end.

9. Start the problem solving proper:

        At this point, all you need to do is to get to work. Develop the zeal and the determination to achieve always, and faster in-line with your well-defined challenges. Remember that the more success you make in solving a problem, the more confidence and joy you will have to continue solving more. And the more you solve, the more you develop the capacity to face future ones.

 You can design any logo by using your wonderful creative mind and then taking action consistently and persistently until it is done. Succeeding in logo design is a mark of a creative thinker, and when you use your ability to think creatively, design will become fun.

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