The growth of any country is largely dependent on her economic planning, implementation and, the technology at her disposal. This, also involve the right to ownership of business ventures (Entrepreneur), providing enabling environment for them to run, and the necessary exposure to global business trends.

As a developing and capitalist economy, Nigeria reserved the right of her citizen’s ownership of business ventures alongside Government, and promotes programmes to encourage young entrepreneurs to helping reduce unemployment rate, over-dependency on the Government as well as contributing to the growth of her gross domestic products (GDP).

Entrepreneurship then, is the capacity and willingness of an individual or group of people to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in other to maximize profit. This is entirely the starting of new business characterized by innovations, risk-taking, etc. It is a good tool a nation like Nigeria should have to pluck herself out of economic recession and, to succeed in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive global market place.

Nigeria being a part of the global business environment, calls for the need of her entrepreneur’s goals to be global, too. This implies that some or all technological tools required for global business to thrive should be acquired to bring about standardization in production, publicity, reaching wide range of people, accessibility, updates, etc. The internet is one of the technological tools that can provide these services. The internet no-doubt, is not new to many Nigerians living both in the Rural and Urban areas, but its under-utilization, especially by entrepreneurs to maximize profit and ease of production processes still rattle the growth of Nigeria economy technologically.

Therefore, the need for efficient use of the internet (website and social media) by Nigerian entrepreneurs to enhance production and maximize profit, forms the base of this article.

To start with, one may ask, what is internet!


Internet is the global connection of computer systems on network that uses the internet protocol suite (TCP/IP). This includes laptops, desktops, notebooks, smart-phones of private, public, academic, “business” and Government networks of local to global scope.


The first attempt at introducing internet in Nigeria was made through the UNESCO sponsored RINAF project, in 1995. At one of the several workshops that were held to propagate the idea of the internet, the Nigeria internet group (NIG) was formed as non-profit, non-governmental organization with the primary aim and objective of promoting and facilitating access to the internet in Nigeria. The use of the internet became realty in Nigeria in the late 90’s. The first test of the internet was run at Obafemi Awolowo University the same 1995.


The world wide web (www) also known as web, is a global information medium which users can read and write through the computer system connected to the internet. It is a service provided by the internet. Www was developed by Tim Berners-Lee. The popularity of the service gave birth to website, social networks, etc, which are used as one of the cheapest means of communication and sharing of information on the internet.


Today, the website has become a means of livelihood to many, globally. This ranges from being web developers, mobile app developers, e-commerce, authors, e-marketing, etc. A website is a collection of related web pages (includes multimedia content) with a common domain name. It has many functions and can be viewed in various ways; as an individual website, commercial website for firms, education, government website or NGOs. A website can also be viewed as an online virtual office. An office where people all over the world can see, know, interact with you based on the services you offer. With the website, one can buy and sell(e-commerce), advertise(e-marketing), publish articles  & journals, provide information on a particular product or service. With all these provisions by the website(internet), it is therefore a veritable tool for an entrepreneur in Nigeria to utilize to maximize the potentials there of.


An entrepreneur has a lot to benefits from having an online office(website). Some of these are:

1          You are world wide

With the advancement of technology and the development of the internet, entrepreneurs are provided with a lot of potential customers to their venture. Videos, blogs and social networking can easily be accessed by the people around the world. And these are being taken as advantage by an entrepreneur today.

2          You can work from anywhere

This is one experience you are bound to have. Embarking on trips to any part of the world, will not stop you from continuing you business, because either your laptop, smart-phone or any other mobile device with an internet connection, is by your side.   Although there are factors that are needed in order to manage working online like constant supply of electricity, good internet connection and hygiene, if you are passionate about your business, you will surely find a way. “Entrepreneurship has gone mobile”.

3          You can’t run out of ideas.

If you get to the point that your mind is so tired and empty, then just go online and browse any social networking sites. You can get ideas from the millions of people in access with the site and you can even present your business in one of these websites, and have greater potential clients. Also, websites, social networks, create rooms for forums where people with like minds can share views and ideas on a particular topic.

4          Because you are world-wide, you sell world wide

The world-wide-web gives you an opportunity to sell your products and services to all that are on the internet, and having access to your website. That simply means that you brought what they want to their door steps. On the other hand, you don’t have to write solicited and unsolicited proposal before you can transact business in any part of the world where your offers are needed. You don’t have to depend on your country to sell.

5         You are limitless

Being a businessman does not mean that you already know everything.  Not a thing like that. As you deal with different people from different parts of the globe, you will be learning more, gaining more experience on the hidden secrets of business. You are living in a world of limitless possibilities, where gaining, losing, rising, and falling are some of the ingredients that make up businesses.

6          You are 24/7 operational.

This is a big advantage enjoyed by entrepreneurs that are online to those off-line. As you are sleeping, you are functional. Are you somewhere with your friends, or enjoying your hobby, you are functional. There is nothing like, I have closed for the day. Clients/customers can’t say, “they have closed for the day”.

7          Your work is your own

When you are employed by another person, your efforts go into helping the person’s business. As an entrepreneur, your effort goes into building your own outright. No-matter how huge your salary is at the end of the month, it’s fixed compared to developing an asset that can bring you wealth for years.

8        You are your own Boss

A great boss is a leader, father, mentor, and a friend while a bad boss is suicidal. To run away from working under a bad boss, then you may like becoming an entrepreneur. You’ll still have responsibilities to other people, but you won’t have to be anyone’s employee having series of work piled for you all five days of the week. Even when you wish to make use of your break time, your employer may remember one errand or the other.


Websites are developed by website developers. These are people with skills on web development and design. If there is none in your neighbourhood or city, don’t worry, simply go online and search the internet for web developers/designers around your city, you will get one. Or you can easily and confidently visit us on www.ipaean.com.ng for your customized website. You can also use any of our social media plat forms: www.facebook.com/ipaean;  on twitter, @joinipaean to reach us. We are everywhere.  

Having being enlightened a little on the opportunities provided by the internet to enhance business and maximize profit, I have no doubt that, that business, organization, etc, will start growing to an international competitive one.

 So, take the right step as an entrepreneur today, get a website and become the world class entrepreneur you are meant to be.

I wish you success in that right choice and step of yours.


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